The current credit system is broken.

BoonFi is dedicated to building better consumer finance. Given modern tools and a changing economy, we are determined to design a better way of financing. Every approved BoonFi customer receives a custom payment plan. BoonFi offers a flexible lease program, serving a wider range of customers.

BoonFi customers range from prime to those with no credit history at all.

How it Works:

Step 1

Applicants enter basic information.

Step 2

In seconds, BoonFi checks hundreds of data points, including credit scores, to make a fast decision.

Step 3

Approved customers are offered a flexible consumer lease with purchase option. The process takes seconds.

Current financing tools fail to meet the needs of Americans today. We believe Americans deserve better.


69% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings.


of Americans say they could not cover an emergency expense of $400


of bank loan applicants are denied.

138 Million Americans

are undeserved by traditional financing.

Here for you.

We built a program for small businesses. Your customer is our priority

Our customer and merchant support team is available by phone, email or chat seven days a week to answer all of your questions. We are equipped to build your staff’s confidence to better sell our program. We made it quick and easy so merchants have more time to run their businesses. Customers can apply in-store, online or over the phone with a BoonFi representative. 

Designed for you.

We design lease financing and terms made to fit the unique needs of our customers and merchants.

(1) All numbers are based upon BoonFi company averages. These averages are not a guarantee, as actual results may vary. (2) Subject to identity verification, as requested. (3) For approved customers only. (4) Based upon individual creditworthiness. (5) Assuming payments are made on time. (6) First monthly payment is due in-store. Additional store fees are not included. Monthly payment amount and due date vary based upon individual approvals and customer-selected terms.



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